I like the way in which the sun creates patterns that
are constantly changing and that move in the room.
Based on these effects I want to create patterns that are
thought-provoking and full of feeling.

In order to be able to appreciate form we need a combination
of light and dark – of contrasts. With light passing through
an object I am able to influence the impression throughout
the room. My aim, with this project, has been to develop my
design process and to gain a greater understanding as to
how one can make use of light.

My study has sought to answer the question: “How can I
create reflections and examine spatiality by illuminating an
object”. In the process I have worked experimentally with both
light and form. In my experiments I melted plastic and glass
using a variety of techniques, lighting them with LEDs, projectors
and sunlight at different times of day.  

My study has resulted in three sun catchers. These can be placed
on the floor, hung from a wall, or mounted on the ceiling to catch
the sunlight and to play with the surfaces surrounding it. The effect
of the sunlight changes throughout the day depending on the
weather and the position of the sun.

Thanks to:
Rasmus Nossbring